"Without change, there would be no butterflies... " 

As our little ones begin new phases and milestones this time of year, we say goodbye to what was and hello to new chapters in their lives. 

We realized how fast our babies grew recently as they began new journeys of development, new school environments and new social challenges.

This special session was designed to embrace the change and allow them to flourish into individuality as did the butterfly once it decided to give up the cocoon. 

I'm so excited to be offering this session for the first time and open the doors to many more throughout the year, relevant to the months, the holidays and our growing children. My passion comes from imagination- and what better tool than to use our own children's imagination for inspiration. 

I hope to capture your little ones and create meaningful memories throughout the year, and one day we will all have a collective story book of artistic images that have been creatively hand crafted with love and intention to tell the story of a lifetime.  

XO Margallete Francke

Field of Butterflies- Mini Session Details

Booking Dates:  Monday Sept. 11 - Sunday Sept. 17, 2017

Times Available: 4:30pm - 7:30pm 

Mornings available upon request. 

Locations: West Hills

Session Duration: 20 Minutes

Event Age Ranges: 9 Mo/ Sitters - 10 Yrs Old.  

Siblings are welcome for an additional $25 per child.

Extra Siblings will receive 3 additional final images each

Additional Images for purchase will be available via online Proof Gallery. 

Final Images will be digital downloads- watermark free Via Dropbox

Images will be created and ready within 2-3 weeks! 

**These images are composed of a variety of beautiful DIGITAL butterflies! The kind I get to have fun placing on your child's fingers, nose and surroundings to make it magical and unique. :) ** 

Like a butterfly I am growing and changing and finding my true colors in life. I am finding my wings so i can fly and soon be on my way.