I highly recommend engagement sessions for so many reasons. The most prominent being to get comfortable in front of the camera with the person you’ll likely spend the most time with at your wedding: your photographer.

It is a great way to for us to meet, work with each other for the first time, and interact comfortably so we already know what to expect for any future shoots!  It also makes things much easier on the day of the wedding because the engagement is like a trial run and when the wedding rolls around, you really already know what to do , how to pose, and the overall process of photos. Time is of the essence on your wedding day, this is the perfect opportunity to see what works and what doesn't, what your favorite style is during our shoot and while choosing your favorite photos to cherish!



An Engagement session is where it truly all begins. Booking these sessions can range from the time you say "I DO" until your ready to send out save the date reminders for your big day!  Either way, the excitement and lust is just pouring out in these sessions as you pair up, for most likely the first time together behind the camera.  From my personal experience, I can attest to the fact that not every couple is super thrilled to be in front of a camera smooching and trying to be lovey dovey. However, I promise it is worth it and it can be so much fun …  just take a look at these gorgeous engagement sessions!

With experience also come guidance and trust, my goal is far from posing you in shots, but to capture your new love, anticipated journey and happiness before taking the big leap into life together- in whatever way you know how to show it!








Yes! Things that represent who you are or things that you enjoy. I love creating a story with engagement sessions – in these sessions it is your love story unfolding and I really love getting personalities to come out. Sometimes a simple picnic or a champagne toast is key. Sometimes going for a swim or being all giddy on the beach is key. It all depends on who you are, but personal touch is always a good thing. Oh- and bring your pets ;) duh.